Our Story

Krinjul Roasters was founded by Kristine Eboña, Nancy Kuot, and Julia Kuot. A family-owned business that started in Calgary, Alberta. We are first-generation Canadians and quintessential millennial who are infatuated with the art and craft of exquisite coffee.

The passion and love of coffee were engraved into our lives from a very young age. Each of us reminiscing about our coffee rituals within our families different cultures, but same fondness for coffee. As years went on, the journey to understanding the origins from farmers to consumers became our fixation.

We are empowered, inspired and excited to share our dream of crafting artisan coffee while supporting local farmers and producers. Our intention is to bring the highest quality coffee to the market and contribute to the well-being of local communities+farmers.

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Seasonal buying allows us to carry unique and phenomenal coffees without setting astringent timelines for farmers and their land. Our small-batch roasting process ensures you get only the best quality coffee beans every timeBy purchasing from us you are helping small farmers who need an extra boost to their income. You are also helping us continue our work by reinvesting part of our profit into local schools in Nairobi, Kenya with school fees and supplies. 

We are big on transparency and love to answer questions, so reach out to us at info@krinjulroasters.com with any questions!