Social Impact

We approach every step in the coffee experience with care and attention to detail, from our farmers in origin countries, to the roasting process locally in Calgary, Canada. Our beans are carefully sourced and roasted in small batches to ensure quality and consistency and we make sure you get to enjoy high quality coffee.

Our specialty coffee comes from small communities that have cultivated their own unique styles, and offering them fair prices for their labours. We are building a sustainable future together. Each variety is developed to bring out the best in your coffee experience. 

A strong sense of community and a commitment to quality is what we live by here at Krinjul Roasters. We believe that coffee should be as socially responsible as it is delicious, so for us, this starts with the sourcing of our beans from small-scale farms throughout the globe. Our beans are harvested at peak time, expertly roasted with great care, socially aware environment with a focus on environmental sustainability, and transparent trade relationships.

We are committed to donating a part of our revenue to Twaweza (Swahili meaning "We Can!"), a Kenyan non-profit organization that provides children's school fees and supplies.